Underbrush Clearing

Tractor & Hand Brush-clearing

Property Cleared on The Scenic Loop in Livingston, Texas

We don't clear lands with bull dozers that scrape the top soil away. We use environmentally friendly under brush clearing methods that make sense financially and ecologically. We don't do strictly clearing by hand but we do use a combination of a small compact tractor and a few ground hands for trimming, wood processing, and other task where an on the ground laborer is needed.

Alternative Brush-clearing by Mulching

For larger plots of land that have thicker under brush, small trees, and saplings that need to be removed we use a skid steer and a ground shark or forestry mulcher. A few of the advantages of mulching is that unless you are wanting to plant grass ASAP the mulched debris can be left on the ground to decompose naturally. If you want to plant right away you can always ask us to rake the material into piles for you.

About Underbrush Clearing

Every brush clearing job has its very own concerns and adversities to over come, but with good planning and measured expectations you will be pleased with the results. Brush cutting is not the same as mowing the grass. Brush cutting is a rough process of knocking down and cutting bushes, saplings, down limbs, grass, and weeds up to a 3" diameter. Anything larger than that will be required to be processed by other means.