A brief Look at Tractor Services Near Lake Livingston, TX

Lake Livingston Underbrush Clearing

If you have cleared your property in the past but have not maintained it in many years it is likely that the Underbrush has returned. Maybe you bought some raw land and are not looking to get it clear cut and left devoid of trees. We can come in and cut down all the weeds, saplings, brush, and vines. Underbrush clearing up to 3 inches on diameter on saplings and other Underbrush.

We can also arrange mulching of all of your Underbrush and trees.

Landscape Raking Near Lake Livingston

After clearing or mulching your Underbrush there can be a huge amount of biomass that will need to be addressed. we can rake & pile all of the cut down weeds, trees, saplings, and bushes so that can be burned at a later date. We have a variety of implements such as landscape rakes, box blades, and front end loaders to move around brush piles.

If you have your land or lot cleared recently by dozer or hydro-ax / mulching service you may be left with an unfinished job. We will finish the job they others guys did not.

Lot Clearing

There are four distinct levels of clearing land, we specialize in brush hogging and mulching. The other two or dozer clearing and hand clearing. Dozer clearing is extremely aggressive and can remove or displace the top soil. On the other hand strictly using a large labor force armed with chain saws, pruners, and machetes leaves the least impact to the land.

A typical owner of a lot or two believes they can simply clean up a lot in a weekend that has never been cleared before. The fact is that in East Texas around Lake Livingston raw land can get extremely thick and can take a lot of time to clear by hand.

Call us to spread fill dirt

It is possible to spread out a dump pile of dirt if you need to. What if you have many piles of dirt that need to be spread out over a large area? That is a lot of shoveling, moving, spreading, and leveling with a rake, shovel, and wheel barrow. You could hire some laborers but it is still back-breaking work that takes a lot of time that you're paying for. Another option is to rent a tractor, box blade, and pay for the rental, fuel, delivery, and pickup charges. Or you can simply make one call to us which is faster and cheaper in the long-run. In addition our operators are experienced and work with precision and efficiency.

Lot Leveling and Smoothing

When a lot or land is cleared it is often just the beginning of yet more work to do. There will be many limbs, saplings, felled trees, and unleveled land that is hilled and pitted.

The first thing to do is to process all the lumber from felled trees and pile the bucked off limbs that will not be used for fire wood. After processing and stacking firewood raking and pushing loose material on the ground into piles begins. Depending on how large or small the lot clearing project is will determine how many and how large the bio-mass piles will be.

When all of the debris is consolidated we will begin to root rake if needed, level, and rake your lot to a smooth level area in which you can plant grass seed or begin any other project you would like.

Drainage & Irrigation Ditches

If you are having difficulties with drainage on your property we can help by creating drainage ditches and irrigation ditches to drain your property or irrigate your crops. Once you have identified areas of your property where the water collects we can create small run-off ditches to carry excess water to a pond, municipal ditch, or irrigate your crops or feed plots.

Ditch Maintenance

Even if you have all of the drainage or irrigation ditches need to control the water on your property, there may be a time when you need them cleaned up so the drain better. We can come in and quickly shape and/or re-dig your ditches so they drain the water better.

Driveway Maintenance

If you have a driveway that has started to show it's age, don't worry we can usually use a box blade and bring it back to it's former glory. We can drag your drive way and in the process fix pot holes, low spots, and correct the profile so water drains off of it.

Digging Post holes & Auger Work

When your putting in a new fence on your property you can call us to auger the post holes for you. You run the string lines and identify where the post holes go and we will use our tractor and drill the holes for you. Alternatively you can also contract us to complete the entire fencing project. To find out more about our fence construction side of the business please visit: www.LivingstonFence.com for more detail.

Feed Plots

Large Red Deere feeding

There a great many reasons to plant the grasses and foliage that various animals including your livestock can feed on. There is one thing regardless of why you have a feed plot that it can be a lot of work to develop. Give us a call and we can work with you to clear land, remove weeds, till, plant, and cultipac your feed plot to ensure a good planting.

Plowing / Tilling & Other Garden Work

Are you a gardner? In the Livingston area it is time to start planting for your spring crops at the middle to end of March. That means you need to start soil preparation in February. We can plow up planting beds and turn over the soil. After plowing the soil we can till it to break up all of the dirt clods and make it loose and fluffy so that plant roots can take hold easily. As a further measure we can rake your plot to remove any dead foliage or hay. Also ask us about building your raised beds for you.

Tractor / Operator For Hire

If you simply have a lot of work to be done and the use of a tractor and operator would be advantagous to your efforts then give us a call. You can contract with us for as minimum of a few hours to a week at a time.