Call us to spread, level, and smooth out dirt around Lake Livingston, Texas

We Spread Dirt

We can move and spread a little dirt pile to dump truck loads of gravel. When you order dirt call us to be there when it is delivered and we can spread and level out the dirt for your project. Why spend hours spreading dirt with a wheelbarrow and shovel when all you have to do is give a call to us and have us come to your property and spread out piles of dirt and rock around your property.

Grade & Level

Once we have spread your dirt or gravel out over the prescribed work area as needed we will then begin to grade to your specifications. With the combination of a compact tractor, front-end loader, and a box blade we can skillfully grade and level your lot to your specifications. Ask us about driveway maintenance and house or RV pads also.

Rake and Smooth

As a final finishing step you can ask us to rake out any debris such as leaves, twigs, and even bits of trash. When we are done raking your lot it will have a sifted through texture which is ideal for planting grass seed or laying sod.