Call us to drill your post holes for your new fence, deck, or construction project.

Do you have a lot of holes to dig for your fence post?

We dig the holes for your fence project.

Whether your a home owner doing your fence project yourself and would like to outsource the digging of the holes for your fence post or a professional fence contractor we can drill the holes for your fence and deck projects.

We dig deck post holes and piling holes

Do you need wide holes drilled for post for your new deck or porch?

Setting post for decks require a little more than just digging a hole and putting a pole in it and pushing the dirt back in. We can drill your post holes up to 4 foot deep so you can then pour a footing to cure to set your piling. In most instances these holes need to be nine inches or more in diameter. We can use our auger and quickly dig a four foot deep and 12 inch diameter post hole and save you a lot of time and buckets full of sweat. Call us to help you set all the post on your construction projects.

Electric Meter Pole Setting

Call us to dig the hole to set your electric meter pole.  We service all over Lake Livingston, TX

If you are building a home, shed, or shop around Lake Livingston we can help you save a little labor cost by digging all of the post holes for you. For example one of the first thing before the project begins is setting an electic pole. We can drill the four foot required hole up to twelve inches in diameter so you can pour a footer and set your electric loop meter pole.