Lot Grading and Leveling

Scarify The Hardpan

Land scarification

Most of the land around Lake Livingston has a good amount of clay in the soil. The first step to get your lot ready to grade and level is to break up the crusty and hard edges of pot holes, crevices, and drainage channels in your property. To prepare the lot or other plot of land to grade or level is to scarify the area first. We can use ripper shanks to cut through the crusty top soil and break up any clods of dirt and clay.

Leveling the Land

box blade service to grade and level your lot or property

Prior to land grading or leveling there may be a great deal of preparation needed such as underbrush clearing, mulching, scarification of the soil, and even tilling or discing the land to break up dirt clods. When we are complete your land will be ready to utilize in the manner you wish. If you like we can even spread grass seed, lime, and cultipac for good ground to seed contact.

Landscape Raking to Finish

After grading or leveling the land we can make a few more passes with our landscaping rake to pull out any biomass material, trash, limbs, and other debris. In addition landscape raking feathers out any imperfections and leaves a surface ideal for seed distribution.