You may not have enough time over a weekend at the lake to clear your lot and get it ready for use.

Residential Lot Clearing

Lot Cleared in Holiday Village in Onalaska, Texas

The majority of the time when you buy a lake area property the property has not been maintained. The brush will need to be mowed down, trees trimmed, and it is also likely that some dirt work may also need to be done. Call us if you have a residential lot that you would like to use or build on but the under brush, weeds, and tall grass makes the use of your Lake Livingston area property unlikely. We can get your land into shape.

Raw Land Management

When you buy raw land it may have never been cleared or it was last maintained over a dozen years ago. Raw land can be very thick with vegetation and it is almost impossible to be conquered over a few summer weekends. Call us and we can use a combination of skid steers, tractors, and manual labor to clear your raw land without destroying your property the way a bull dozing service would do. The end result will be property that has all of the under brush, saplings, and weeds cut down to naturally compost into your soil.

RV Lot Preparation

Often a small lot can be purchased near the lake for just a few thousand dollars. These lots are great for someone who would like to come up for a weekend with an RV and enjoy the lake. We can help you turn your small RV lot into a vacation destination for you, your family, and friends. We can brush hog, level, and rake your lot. In addition we can help you with installing a driveway, pad site, and setting a culvert.