Water Drainage and Irrigation Ditches for your home, business, farm, ranch, or garden

Irrigation Ditch Construction & Maintenance

Lake Livingston Irrigation Ditches built in Onalaska, Trinity, Coldspring, Livingston, Leggett, and Southeast Texas.

We can assist you in the development of irrigation ditches to your small crop, garden, or estate. When you need a basic ditch created to either irrigate or drain your property and we can help you create an open ditch. We service farm, ranch, and home owners all around Lake Livingston, Texas.

Drainage Ditch Construction & Maintenance

We dig drainage ditches around Lake Livingston, TX.  We can also revitalize and maintain existing ditches on your property.

If you need an open ditch to drain low spots on your property to a pond, drainage ditch, or other areas we would be happy to assist. We service the entire Lake area including Trinity, Leggett, Onalaska, Coldspring, Shepherd, and Livingston, TX

Small Crop & Garden Watering Systems

To establish a thriving crop or garden you need great soil, good drainage, proper watering, and great weather. We can make suggestions on where to get proper soil, and suggest a watering system as well. We can dig drainage ditches around your property so that your crops or gardens don't get saturated and drown in water. In addition we can implement drip systems as well. As far as the weather goes we can hope and pray in your behalf.