We help manage your land and property around Lake Livingston, TX

Brush Hogging

Coming out of the winter months the grass and weeds explode and can consume your property if left unattended to. We specialize in clearing underbrush, landscape raking, and brush hogging those high weeds, tall grass, and tiny saplings growing all over your property. Most people have access to a mower, weed eater, and chain-saw but the time involved in clearing even a small lot can be too much for someone traveling to The Lake Livingston area from Houston or other parts of Texas or Louisiana.

Dirt Spreading

The Lake Livingston areas, including Onalaska, Point Blank, Trinity, Coldspring, Shepherd and other lake communities are all considered rural areas. As with many agricultural areas when you buy a home or build a house the first thing you will most likely have to do is clear your property. After removing the unwanted trees, underbrush, and brush hogging the weeds, it will be time to turn your attention to spreading top soil to level the land. In addition you will also want to create driveways, parking areas, and raised pads for sheds and out buildings.

Lot Clearing

One of our most popular and requested services within the Lake Livingston areas is to clear lots of dropped limbs, small trees, underbrush, tall grass, and weeds. We use a combination of tractors, specified land management attachments, and enthusiastic skilled laborers to work your land so you don't have to.

After we have finished clearing your lot, it will be ready to accept top soil and to be leveled. If you like we can even spread grass seed or lay sod for you.

Driveway Maintenance

This part of Texas receives a lot of rain, and our roads and driveways can become the victim of the erosion effects of water in combination with the traffic moving over your driveway. If your road surfaces are suffering from standing water and pot holes, it will only take time before your road or driveway is a muddy mess. Give us a call we can come out with a tractor, box blade, and rake your driveway. If needed we can cut the crown and re-profile your driveway so that it better sheds water off of it. We can even final rake it to remove larger rocks, sticks, limbs, and feather everything out.

Dig Post Holes

Many land owners are mostly self-sufficient; however, they do recognize that more work can be done in less time and cost than without. In the case of putting up a simple fence most people can handle this task but the time involved and labor of digging tens and hundreds of post holes in hard soil is very labor intensive. In the summer months of digging holes in the ground for fence post can be down right dangerous work. Don't put your comfort and health at risk when we can drill your post holes for you with a tractor mounted PTO powered auger.

Landscape Raking

We are equipped with a landscape rank that we use as a finishing tool after spreading dirt, rock, and gravel. In addition the utility rake is good for gathering twigs, leaves, limbs, and even trash from your property. If you don't need to disturb the dirt but just rake up the debris of a large area we have the tools to do the job. If you are broadcast planting seed our landscape rake prepares the soil nicely for grass seed, food plots, and general ground cover. We can even use a cultipacker to enhance ground contact with broadcasted seed.

Tractor Work For Hire Near Lake Livingston, TX

You may not own a tractor or have a friend or family member you can ask to borrow one. To rent a tractor it is anywhere from $250 to $300 per day plus $50 to $100 per day for each attachment you'll need. In addition you will want to have some general knowledge and skill working with tractors. Oh, you will likely also have to transport it or pay a delivery and clean up charge also. Don't forget about the diesel to put into the tractor. It could cost your $600 per day or more, plus your time to rent a tractor for the day.

If you would like to get the job done in a timely fashion with great results then talk with us about your project and we'll bring the tractor, attachments, fuel, and labor to get your project done at a fair price.

Field Mowing / Bush Hogging

Did you let the grass grow too much and now it's too much to cut yourself with the equipment you have? The transition from winter to spring in the Lake Livingston area can be very quick. If you get caught off-guard the weeds and grass can explode over a 3-5 day period. If you are not able to get the first cut in you could be looking at a field of six foot tall weeds in a week or so.

Do you have a pasture or land that you have neglected to keep mowed for the last few years? If this is the case you could be looking at small saplings, bushes, and sprawling vines on the ground and growing up your trees. In addition depending on the time of year the grass and weeds can be as high as eight feet tall or more.

We can cut up to 3" saplings with our brush cutter and a 5 foot wide width. We don't have a small brush cutter or an overly large one either. We are capable of brush cutting in areas that may have more trees where greater maneuverability is needed. Our equipment is ideally sized to cut grass, weeds, small saplings, and underbrush on smaller properties under 10 acres. For larger plots of land, it would be ideal to have a bat-wing rotary cutter.

Fence Line Clearing & Site Preparation

We often help farm and ranch owners clear fence lines, remove old fence runs, pull fence post and t-post, drill post holes for new fencing projects. In addition we can even build all forms of wood fencing, install chain link fencing, and install wrought iron fence also.