If you are building a fence or have a fence line with trees, weeds, bushes, or tall grass call us to clean it up.

Clearing Fence Lanes

If you have a property near Lake Livingston, Texas and are having a fence installed or built give us a call to clear the woods, weeds, or under-brush where you are planning to build a fence. We can remove trees and underbrush so that you do not have to move your planned fence lines.

Mowing and Weed Eating Around Fences

Farms, Ranches, and rural properties can have thousands of feet of fencing. In the heat of spring, summer, and even fall the temperatures around Lake Livingston can be above 85 degrees and as much as 107°. We have the machinery and equipment to cut the grass around and under your fencing in your pastures and fields. Don't risk a heat stroke, give us a call and we will mow on either side and under your fencing.

Removing Vines and Overgrowth

Wire mesh, chain link, barb wire, and even wood fence lines can be over-taken by climbing vines, ivy, and weeds. Vines can over-grow a fence so severly that it is not a fesibable option to try to remove the vines. If caught in time the vines, ivy, or other vegetation can be cut and removed from your fencing. As another option we can spray herbicide that wil sterillze the soil under the fence and kill all vegetation. If you have heavy growth on a fence line call us to see if we can save it or if needs to be replaced.