Garden Food Plot Preparation Services Around Lake Livingston, TX


Do you have some land that you would like to start growing some edible vegetables on? If the plot of land that you have decided to grow on has not been plowed, tiled / disced, and amended the likelihood of growing successfully is low. We can loosen the soil by turning it over with a plow. After turning over the soil we will use a disc or tiller to break up any large clumps of dirt and clay. The final step is to create your beds and plant.

Tilling or Discing

Plants need loose fluffy soil that is rich in nutrients at the correct PH for the crop your trying to grow. To achieve this goal requires the food plot to be plowed then tilled. In respect to tilling or discing this process is used to break up dirt clods, compacted soil, and loosen the soil. In addition tilling or discing can be used to blend in soil amendments, fertilizer, sand, compost, or lime. After plowing, breaking up the soil, and turning in nutrients you only need to build your row beds and plant your crop.

Bed Row Creation

At this time we do not offer bed row creation. Once we acquire the correct attachment we will offer this service.

Food Plots or Feed Plots

We construct raised garden beds

If you would like to start growing a vegetable garden by far the easiest way is starting with containers or raised beds. We can consult with you about simple systems to plant, fertilize, and irrigate your containers or raised beds. We can build your raised beds, make an appropriate soil mixture that will be productive for years to come.