Driveway Maintenance Services in Livingston, Onalaska, Coldspring, Shepherd, Trinity, and all around Lake Livingston, Texas

Design, Build & Maintenance

A well constructed driveway will be constructed from a quality grade of gravel and be well planned. For a long lasting driveway drainage concerns should be addressed before building the driveway. The driveway should be leveled, graded, and well compacted.

Crowned & Rutted Gravel Driveways

We often see driveways that have grass growing in the crown and deep ruts in the trafficked areas. We can cut out the crown, scarify the drive, level and grade your driveway with the gravel that is already in place. If there are low areas we can have a good quality roadbase or crushed limestone delivered to give it a better profile.

Quality Gravel Matters

Another thing we find are driveways and parking lots that used a poor quality crushed concrete or gravel that have huge rocks or chunks of concrete in them. We can level and grade the existing parking lot and also resurface with a better quality 3/4" or less roadbase or crushed limestone that will give you a surface that does not give you whiplash to drive across.