Call us when your ditches need to be cleaned out

Clogged and slow running ditches

Many factor can lead to a clogged ditch. Some of the most common causes are fallen debris, silt build-up, and foreign objects. We can quickly deploy a small compact tractor with a front-end loader and a box-blade to remove debris and re-shape your ditch so it properly drains.

Agricultural Ditch Maintenance

Rural or agricultural ditches often suffer from vegetation growth that can inhibit the flow of water in irrigation and drainage ditches. We can remove growth in and around your ditches so the are un-obstructed.

Ditch Restoration & Shaping

If area on your property that never use to flood are now becoming soft or even muddy then it could be a sign that your ditches need to be clean out, and reshaped. Ditch restoration can make a huge difference on run off water management around your property. We restore ditches all around Lake Livingston, TX including Coldspring, Shepherd, Point Blank, Trinity, Onalaska, and Livingston, Texas.