We Bush Hog Individual Lots & Plots of Land around Lake Livingston, Texas

Cut Tall Weeds Down

Has the weeds and Underbrush gotten tall and thick on your lot or land? We routinely receive calls that someone had a plot of land cleared and not knowing how fast the vegetation grows visits the property the following year to find a wall of weeds and not the cleared lot they last seen the previous year. We understand that many people own land around Lake Livingston that are from out of town or out of state and simply can't check-in on their property. Talk with us about a land management contract.

Clearing Under-Brush

As mentioned earlier many land owners live out of town and need help managing their land. If you have land or a lot or two where the Underbrush is out of control then give us a call. We can quickly tame your land so you can begin to maintain it with regular landscaping and lawn care. We can pull out the under growth, bush hog, rake and level your lot. If you want the entire lot cleared we can arrange having it mulched and rake up all of the mulched vegitation into piles for removal, mulching, or composting.

Bush Hogging

Known by many names, the act of cutting down grass, weeds, and brush that normal lawn equipment is not able to handle. If you have heavy underbrush, tall weeds, or raw land that needs to be tamed then give us a call and we can help you get it to a condition where you can begin to maintain it with a standard lawn mower.

We have economical ½ day and full day rates to save you money when you have a bunch of smaller things that a tractor is needed for.